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Your Ad is a Social Network!

Now you can spread your message even faster and generate Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing instantly. AdExcel makes it even easier to make your Ads more effective and powerful by using social media. Introducing both new Social Ads and Safe Ads, so advertisers and publishers can now make Ads become increasingly more significant, intuitive and reach greater results.

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AdExcel showcases its latest projects at TechCrunch50.
  About AdExcel
We help companies Excel in Advertising by being the leading provider of Social Ads worldwide, creating and distributing core social advertising technology to our customers and partners – making Ads increasingly more significant, intuitive and reach greater results.

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  Social Ads
The best way to make Ads more fun and engaging. With a simple AdExcel Code on your targeted Ad, we will transform it into a Social Ad capable of social features e.g. testimonials, positive comments, user ratings, customized actions and able to measure engagements with your brand on Facebook and Twitter.
  Safe Ads
Making Ads more secure increases confidence for your brand. With a simple AdExcel Code, you can guarantee integrity and quality of your Ad distribution. Provide users the confidence to click on your ads and the ability to capture feedback instantly to further improve your Ad performance and delivery.
Agencies work with us to increase their edge and value. With a wide selection of Social Ad technology that can be applied to desirable use cases, we provide the best partnership that will expand your brand, products and revenue even higher. Even Ad Networks get the latest Social Ad technology from us too.