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Social Ads Made For Ad Networks

It’s a Piece of Great Technology to Give Ad Networks the Extra Boost.

Existing Ad Networks

It’s time to give your ad network the competitive edge to compete with other networks. AdExcel can integrate the core Social Ad technology into your system and convent your ad delivery into Social Ads. By giving more value to your advertiser and publishers, you can ensure that your Ad Network will continue to grow and keep up with today’s technology. Try out and contact one of our experts to learn more about how we can partner and integrate Social Ads into your network.

New Ad Network Builders

AdExcel also provides a complete suite of Ad Network solutions. This means you can acquire a brand new Ad Network with compelling new technology such as Social Ads while having the best of payment gateways, user dashboards, technical support, work flows and other important components –all in one package. The whole system is perfect for anyone who is looking to develop a new Vertical Ad Network from start or needs a refresh for their current network. Talk to us and you will learn how quickly we can implement for you and help you move to market in the shortest time.
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Social Ad (Network Integration)
Integrating the core technology behind Social Ad with advertising networks and its existing infrastructure is made possible with AdExcel. With that, Ad Networks can sell more compelling ad inventory at a premium and greater value.
Safe Ads (Network Integration)
Upgrading Ad Networks with the Safe Ads framework is easy with AdExcel Network Integration. With that, Ad Networks enjoy value added services that can be converted to more revenue channels and increased reputation in the online advertising space.
Red Dot System – White Label Licensing
License the Red Dot System and allow advertisers to benefit from prompt reports of important Ad Campaign links beings shared on social media.
Personal Ad Network (suitable for networks below 1M in revenue)
Building a new Ad Network with Social Ad technology, payment gateway, dashing dashboards and high tech targeting mechanism can be affordable.
Vertical Ad Network (suitable for networks more than 1M in revenue)
Scale up an enterprise Ad Network solution with top notch technology to back the operations. AdExcel provides turnkey and customizable solutions that will fit your needs.